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 Pricing & Policies



 Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc. hereinafter "Imperial".

 Imperial does not manufacture goods only distributes goods.  



 Client Privacy: Client personal data is never traded, rented or sold.

 Imperial communicates with client or client's authorized representatives only.



















 Product Advise & Data: Any advise recommended by Imperial is

 believed to be reliable. Imperial does not make any warranty expressed

 or implied for the fitness of particular products or their suitability in

 application or the results obtained; this must come from your contractor,

 structural engineer, registered designer or architect. The client or their

 tradesperson must test and verify product use and suitability for themselves.

 Imperial does not sell finished goods - only architectural components.

 Integration hardware, finishing & installation is supplied by others.


 Photos and material photos on Imperials' websites or publications are close

 representations only and may vary in appearance and color from the actual

 goods. Sizes are are approximate only and may change without prior notice,

 due to manufacturing variance tolerances.







 Availability: Products change from time to time and can be discontinued

 or altered due to factors beyond our control or marketing decisions.

 Reference Material: Refer to for expanded product

 specifications, email or call for more information.




 Load Bearing capacity is approximate as specified by the manufacturer.


 Fire Rating & Building Code:

 All products have various fire ratings and code compliance.

 Check with your local building codes for suitability of any product,

 your own structural engineer for application.



 Quotes are valid for 5 days.

 Quotes become orders once payment is authorized and confirmed

 which denotes acceptance by Imperial.


 Imperial does not accept verbal orders.

 Payment confirmations are emailed, phoned or faxed.

 Imperial is not liable for time delays caused by the quoting process.

 Delivery times take effect from the date of confirmed payment,

 not the quote date.




 Prices: Prices do not include Taxes or Duty.

 Client is responsible for all tax submissions unless quoted where

 Imperial is obligated by law to charge taxes in a given jurisdiction.


 Any retroactive taxes or duties are the client's responsibility.


 Brokerage may apply to exported or imported items for Border

 Customs clearance but is budgeted for in the quotes.


 If at any time (even retroactive) duty is imposed, it is the responsibility

 of the client (importer).


 Interest is set at 2% per month, 26% per annum for overdue accounts.



 Orders: All sales are final.

 All sales occur in Toronto Ontario Canada and are subject to Ontario

 Canada laws. It is agreed that all dispute resolutions occur in Toronto

 Ontario Canada only. Any disputes resolution will not exceed product value.


 Custom / Special Order are not returnable and cannot be cancelled or

 exchanged. Expect longer delivery times for custom orders.

 Order Changes must be presented to Imperial in writing only.

 There is no guarantee changes can be made to product or freight changes

 complied with. Any freight changes will be charged to the client

 immediately prior to delivery.  


 Any product that is ordered from manufacturing for a client is considered

 a custom / special order and cannot be cancelled.

 There are no cash refunds. All sales are final no returns.




 We accept Visa, Mastercard, Check, Money Transfers, Money Orders

 We do not take cash or bitcoins

 Payment forms are sent with every quotation for you to sign for you

 or on behalf of your company.  No payment will be processed if it is on

 behalf of your client - we require their signature.





 Delivery Times:

 Quotes provides an approximate estimate of delivery time.

 This estimate is not guaranteed. Delays can occur due to freight

 companies schedules, weather, border customs, or manufacturing delays;

 all out of Imperial's control.

 For a guaranteed delivery time a separate delivery agreement can be

 prepared by our legal department, bonding charges apply.


 Do not book your install trades until you have your product in hand and

 have inspected the goods for freight damage.




 Inventory Levels:

 Commonly sold products are stocked, however inventory levels

 change frequently.



























 Freight: Prices are FOB manufacturer’s factory or FOB Canadian

 Warehouse or FOB NY warehouse.


 Freight is prepaid on client's behalf and non-refundable.

 Freight may include freight-in to the warehouse and Freight out to the client.


 Freight Claims for Goods Damaged or Lost in Transit:

 All sales are EXW warehouse.

 All items are inspected & photographed prior to shipping.

 When the carrier accepts product, all risk reverts to the purchaser.

 Imperial is not responsible for any damage that incurs in transit, concealed or

 otherwise or delays caused by the carrier.


 All goods should be unpacked and inspected immediately upon receipt.

 Any and all damages should be noted on the Bill of Lading when product

 is delivered. If the client gives the transportation company a clear receipt

 for goods received that have been damaged or lost in transit, the client does

 so at their own risk and expense.


 All claims are with the freight carrier not Imperial.

 For most freight carriers, claims must be made within 8 working days.

 If an order is refused, all transit & storage fees are the responsibility of the client.

 All charges from the carrier will be immediately charged to the client's credit card

 for the duration of the storage.





 Warranty & Guarantees are with the product’s respective manufacturer.

 Product specifications are those of manufacturing.

 Imperial does not manufacture product. All manufacturer warranties

 are limited and in effect for the original purchaser only and are non-transferable. 


 Warranty Claims: In order to claim warranty, we recommend taking

 digital photos of the item in question and emailing it to us with a short

 note of explanation.


 Upon receipt, Imperial will forward your claim to the respective manufacturer.


 Before issuing an Return Authorization number for warranty, we must

 get approval from the manufacturer that they will honor the claim.

 Some manufacturers reserve the right to repair the product on site

 or at their facility.


 All shipping for warranty claims are the responsibility of the client

 not Imperial.





 Open boxes immediately upon receipt.

 Inspect for damages and report any discrepancies.

 No adjustments will made for discrepancies not reported within

 8 days of receipt.


 All product data, photographs, PDF Brochures, is the exclusive

 intellectual property of  Martin Richards Design & Contracting Inc.

 Imperial Productions & Distribution Inc. Apr 1, 2003  all rights reserved


   E&OE All policies are subject to change without notice. Nov 1-2016




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  * All Prices & specifications in this website subject to change without notice

  * Prices are net, Freight, Taxes & Duties charged where applicable otherwise client is responsible for remittance

  * Measurements are approximate only, Final Product may vary from this website

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